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The Communities of Las Vegas

January 31, 2018 | By John Gafford

Las Vegas, Nevada is home to a variety of communities, each beaming with their own diverse opportunities, but all designed with one goal in mind—to give residents a taste of the good life.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into what these communities offer and what you can expect when making them your home.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas as a community only represents a rather small part of the Las Vegas Valley. Thanks to the booming population, the borders of the city limits are beginning to fade. To date, there are about 2 million individuals who call Las Vegas home, but millions more come to the city to enjoy its attractions and sight-seeing opportunities. From gambling to arts, there are countless things to do in the Las Vegas city limits. And if you’re thinking about moving to Las Vegas, the real estate property is diverse ranging from high rises to comfortable single-family homes. There’s a home for every taste.

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas, sits on the, you guessed it, North side of Las Vegas. It is a very active community with countless golf courses, water sports, hiking trails and so much more. Home to over 226,000 people, North Vegas is a fast-growing community with a robust economy. Good transit has also made this part of the city a popular location for commuters. It is also home to many military families as well, thanks to its location near the Nellis Air Force Base. Visitors love North Vegas too, thanks to the nearby Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which is home to NASCAR and other events. From ranch homes to small family residential homes, North Vegas is a great place to live, work and play.

Southwest Las Vegas

On the fringes of Las Vegas are the Southwest communities. One of the least visited areas by tourists, this area of Vegas is popular with college students and young families alike. Most of the real estate consists of condos, homes, and townhouses all set for a reasonable price. Located just a 15-minute drive to the airport and the downtown Strip, it’s a prime area to absorb all the best parts of the city. Before the city started experiencing an incredible population boom, Southwest Las Vegas was known as “cowboy country.” This community is also full of family-owned restaurants and privately owned business, making it a haven for those who prefer a community vibe.


The Downtown area is ideal for startups and artists as well as millennials. It is one of the more walkable areas in Las Vegas as well. Close to the trendiest bars and restaurants in Las Vegas, it offers the standard of living that singles and millennials are looking for. Once the only town in Vegas, the downtown area is still bouncing back from the economic downturn, which adds to its charm. Real estate consists mostly of modern apartment buildings.

The Strip

Another popular area in Las Vegas, The Strip is well known as the spot for adults to kick back and really enjoy themselves. From hotel-casinos, nightclubs, adults-only areas, and more, The Strip is the place to live if you enjoy life’s greatest luxuries. You’ll find plenty of spots to eat at that consist of menus full of award-winning chef creations. It is the shopping and entertainment hub of Las Vegas. Real estate accommodations on The Strip include high rise luxurious condos, penthouses and hotel living.


Summerlin is located on the western rim of the Las Vegas Valley and is home to over 200,000 people. It is sitting on the edge of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. The community is home to ten golf courses, including the first Jack Nicklaus Bear’s Best golf course. There’s also the Summerlin Trail System which covers 150 miles of trails. There’s also plenty of shopping, dining, and schooling opportunities available. Summerlin is home to a variety of demographics and is as relaxing as it is fun. The entire community is 30 percent green space, which includes over 30 parks. Real estate includes new construction, apartment buildings, and ranch style homes.


Henderson is located in the south Las Vegas area and is the second-largest city in Nevada. There are over 290,000 people who call it home, and real estate includes gated communities, master-planned areas, senior living facilities and single-family homes. 15 minutes away from The Strip, it offers all the amenities and entertainment Las Vegas has in store. With 64 parks that include splash pads, skate parks, and walking areas, there are also plenty of outdoor areas to enjoy. Henderson is also home to plenty of shopping opportunities perfect for the retail therapy you need.

Las Vegas Growth on the Whole

Like every other location in the US, Las Vegas’ economic growth starts with the national economy. However, Vegas is excepting a variety of benefits from new changes to the city like the building of the NFL stadium for the Raiders who are set to move in 2019. Another boom to the economy is the construction of electric-car company Faraday Future’s factory, but it is delayed. However, long-term growth is expected from the company leading to more manufacturing jobs.

Another area of growth is in the housing market. Currently, the median housing prices are affordable and well-aligned for the market, which is, in turn, creating the perfect market to move to the area.

Experts feel that Las Vegas’ largest growth spurt is over but even so, the population continues to increase. Nevada as a state ranked as the second-fastest growing state besides Utah, according to the Census Bureau. This means that Las Vegas is set to grow in the coming years.

With stunning architecture, countless entertainment and dining opportunities, and affordable housing options as well as lovely luxury high-rise complexes, Las Vegas is quickly becoming a hotly desired place to live.  

Give us a call and one of our fabulous Simply Vegas agents will help you explore the neighborhoods to find you the perfect fit for your family.